THE FLASH Season 3 Promo Features Blindsided Barry and Snobby Cisco

Barry’s Flashpoint dilemma doesn’t garner much sympathy in new promo for THE FLASH!

The CW has released a short new promo for The Flash Season 3 (via tvpromosdb) and it’s striking hard on The Flashpoint paradox storyline!

Watch as Barry Allen asks her now-living father, Henry, where– or rather, when— they are before realizing and explaining just what he’s done. The only old friend of Barry’s we see in the promo is Cisco, who is now an obnoxious, conceited billionaire who clearly doesn’t have much interest in helping Barry. It’s a dramatic change for the beloved character, but it will definitely be interesting to see!

The West family made an appearance in the Season 3 Comic-Con trailer along with Cisco, but Caitlin Snow and Harrison Wells are suspiciously missing from promotions so far. Are there big reveal to come for their characters?

We’ll find out when The Flash returns to The CW for Season 3 on October 4, 2016.

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