THE FLASH: “Shade” Clips and Featurette

THE FLASH is getting foreboding in two new clips!

After a one-week break, The Flash is back and things are looking tough for Barry and his friends as the fallout from Flashpoint continues in “Shade”!

In the first clip, Barry opens up to the West family about their Flashpoint lives, probably following some interference from Doctor Alchemy. The problem is the Wally truly wants his alternate life as Kid Flash and the more his family bucks against the idea, the more intent he is to prove himself.

An equally troublesome second clip has Caitlin opening up to Cisco about her Killer Frost powers. She’s understandably worried and asks Cisco to vibe the future. Will she become a evil villain like her Earth 2 counterpart? Well…

A new featurette is also going behind the scenes of Wally’s struggle as Doctor Alchemy begins to haunt him and strain his relationships with executive producer Todd Helbing!

The latest episode of The Flash, “Shade”, airs tonight on The CW.

By Molly

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