THE FLASH Runs Into SUPERGIRL In First Crossover Teaser

Worlds collide in THE FLASH / SUPERGIRL crossover promo!

The Flash is running circles around Supergirl in the first teaser for the crossover event happening later this month– at least, he is in logo form!

The episode will feature Barry Allen aka The Flash running into another dimension and finding himself in National City where Kara El-Zor aka Supergirl awaits. It sets a precedent for the DC television universe: Supergirl is not, in fact, even in the same universe as The Flash and Arrow. In this very unique team-up, the two heroes will come together to face Siobhan Smythe aka Silver Banshee.

Watch as The Flash’s famed red lightning streaks along the Supergirl symbol before we cut to a short shot of the two almost colliding in an alleyway, quick at a flash of lightning.

The Flash and Supergirl crossover event airs Monday, March 28th on CBS.



By Molly

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