Forensic Artist Constructs A Wax Model of Jane Austen


Forensic Artists from The Jane Austen Centre have created a wax model of how Jane Austen would have looked like when alive. It took 3 years to make and though there was little to go off of the artists took to forensic techniques to model the widely known writer.

Using the only accepted portrait of Jane Austen, done by her sister Cassandra, and another adaptation of that portrait, they also used eye witness accounts to build on their work. Her nephew claimed she was “very attractive”:

“Her figure was rather tall and slender, her step light and firm, and her whole appearance expressive of health and animation. In complexion she was a clear brunette with a rich colour; she had full round cheeks, with mouth and nose small and well-formed, bright hazel eyes, and brown hair forming natural curls close round her face,

The Jane Austen Centre states this is the closest anyone has come to Jane Austen for 200 years.

Source: EW & The Guardian