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Four SHADOWHUNTERS Series Finale Sneak Peeks

From the promo that appeared after Monday’s episode, we can only assume that the Shadowhunters series finale is going to be intense and quite possibly heartbreaking.

Thankfully, TV Promos released three sneak peeks that makes me hope that maybe Shadowhunters won’t make me bawl my eyes out like Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones did.

My poor babies. In the first clip, Alec is approached by his mother who tries to comfort him with words of logic. Um, mom, I feel like you don’t really know your son. Alec + rationality? Never a good sign. Watch the clip at the top of the post.

Meanwhile, Alec is hanging out at Magnus’ newly reclaimed apartment and notices something very strange among the decor. Time to call in reinforcements!

But I’m guessing Shadowhunters wanted to save some heartache because the next clip suggests that Magnus won’t be stuck in Edom for long. It’s a very cute and heartwarming clip of Malec talking about wedding plans and where to hold their big event!

Of course, Malec isn’t the only couple with some challenges. Clary is still reeling from the effects of the twinning rune and all the people she hurt in its wake. Thankfully, Jace knows a thing or two about being under the effects of a demonic influence and he’s always there for her.

Shadowhunters series finale will air next Monday, May 6th on Freeform 8/7c.

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