Francis Lawrence – Music videos

As you have all heard by now, Francis Lawrence has been tapped by Lionsgate to direct Catching Fire.  You most likely also know that Lawrence directed I Am Legend, Constantine, and Water for Elephants.  Did you know, however, he also has directed many music videos? Since he is going to be our director, we thought it might be nice to showcase some of his work, so we present to you a nice little mix of Lawrence’s music videos.

First up, we give you Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.  At least we know the scenes from the Capitol are in good hands!



Did you know he directed Britney Spears’ I’m A Slave 4 u?  Well he did!  This video was all the rage when it came out!



He is also responsible for Aerosmith’s Jaded which features the lovely Mila Kunis, who some fans would like to see her cast as Johanna Mason.  Coincidence?  (probably, yeah)


So what do you think so far?  I’m feeling very optimistic! Plus we simply cannot have too many people involved with the last name Lawrence, it’s going to work out great!

Click HERE to see a full list of his music videos