Free Mockingjay Pumpkin Pattern

For those of you who still haven’t carved your Halloween pumpkin, this is for you!   Deviant Art artist Painted-Flamingo has created a Mockingjay Pumpkin Pattern and is sharing it freely with us all!

Hello all! This year I wanted to make my own pumpkin pattern, so here’s the result, and homage to The Hunger Games. Its not perfect, its hand drawn so won’t be “trace perfect” of the pin. Hope you all like it though.

I realize most people have probably already carved their pumpkins, but perhaps you, like me, wait till Halloween day to carve yours I carved mine this morning as a prototype and it all worked out. I didn’t do the flames though…no time

Click here for instructions on how to download and use the pattern!

Painted-Flamingo has asked if you do use this pattern that you share photos with them, and we ask the same!  If you have any Hunger Games themed jack-o-lanterns, using this pattern or your own, we’d love to see photos!  We’d also love for you to share your pictures of any Hunger Games Costumes you might be donning this Halloween.  Send them to and we will post them!

Big thanks to Painted-Flamingo for sharing this awesome pattern!

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