Freeman’s Real-Life Partner, Amanda Abbington, Cast in SHERLOCK

Maybe you’ve heard already, but if you haven’t, here’s a bit of cool news: 

Sherlock” Season 3 has begun production, so it’s time for the guest-casting to commence. The newest piece of news on the cast is about Amanda Abbington (“Mr. Selfridge”). Her part on the BBC show is still a mystery, but there are hints that the actress may play a love interest for Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman).

As reported by, Abbington’s mystery role will “significantly impact” the lives of Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Watson. When combined with the hint that, according to producer Steven Moffat, one of Season 3’s key words was “wedding,” the signs point to some sort of love interest.

Considering that Amanda is Martin Freeman’s real-life lady-friend, there shouldn’t be a problem with getting the chemistry right if she is to play a love interest for Freeman’s Watson.  This is all still speculation, and probably will be for quite some time since Sherlock won’t be back on the air until next year.  

via Zap2it.

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