FROZEN FEVER to Feature Instant Fan Favorite – Snowgies!

Get the story behind Snowgies

I have a feeling that Snowgies are going to be a major hit with kids and adults alike.  Unless, you’re the type of person that fears snow or all things cute.   But looking at the poster, I know I’m already in love with these things and am imagining all kinds of possible collectibles that have anything to do with these mini-snowmen.

Here’s the explanation behind the Snowgies:

Fever picks up with our Frozen family as snow queen Elsa plans a surprise birthday party for her spirited sis Anna. The only hitch in their plans? Enchanted Elsa has a cold, and when she sneezes, out pops the snowgies. The characters started out as “mini Olafs,”explains Fever producer Peter Del Vecho.We realized we wanted Olaf to remain pure, so quickly it evolved into these fun little snowballs we call ‘snowgies’ that bring a lot of mischief and fun to the short.”

Mischief and fun, eh?  Yeah, I definitely can’t wait to see all the silly trouble these little things will cause.  Being that it’s a short, it can’t be too bad.  I imagine the only trouble there’ll be after people see it is the demand to see more of them.

Frozen Fever poster features snowgies!

Apparently, the short almost centered solely on Olaf, but the filmmaking team found an alternate storyline.  Co-director Chris Buck had this to say:

“We could see some different opportunities for some fun and that just got all of us going,” Buck tells Yahoo Movies. From there, they added Anna’s birthday celebration as the emotional heart of the story. “Elsa’s never really been able to throw a party for Anna. They were apart most of their growing up,” he says.

Luckily the original voice cast was completely on board, although some scheduling had to be worked around, and even Kristen Bell was pregnant again, the same as she was when filming Frozen, which helped when it came to her voice.  “Her voice actually changes when she’s pregnant,” Buck says. “If we do another Frozen,she’s just going to have to have another baby. No pressure.”

Despite the “if” in Buck’s statement, there are no official plans of making a full-length Frozen sequel.  No matter.  There’s still the broadway musical to look forward to.



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