FROZEN Broadway Musical Will Take On A New Choreographer

Former choreographer, Peter Darling, leaves Disney’s FROZEN Broadway musical adaptation due to schedule conflicts.

The Broadway adaptation to Disney’s Frozen is forced to look for a new choreographer due to schedule complications with former choreographer’s, Peter Darling, work with another musical.frozen-03-fi

The production schedule of Frozen’s musical conflicts with Peter Darling’s prior commitment to the musical “Groundhog Day.” “Groundhog Day” is setting up for a summer premiere in London followed by a move to New York early the next year. The timeline of the musical overlaps with a work schedule for Frozen’s creative team which begins in the same summer.

With such a success from the film, Frozen the musical is set to be a highly anticipated project that will be enjoyable for all ages on Broadway. The musical is set to have a pre-Broadway premiere in the summer of 2017 at Denver Center followed by it’s Broadway premiere planned to run in the summer of 2018 but confirmation is yet to be set for exact dates.

Source: Variety