FROZEN Set to Become Biggest Disney Animated Film


You may have seen it, but maybe you’re one of the few that has yet to venture into the world of ice and song and beautifully drawn girls… oh, and one adorable snowman.  But yes, Frozen is making it’s mark in history as Deadline states in it’s article:

Frozen, the animated musical from Walt Disney Studios Animation, slid past the $300M mark domestically, according to estimates Tuesday night. The film is on its way to becoming the highest-grossing Disney Animation release in its history. This, of course, begs the question – will Frozen‘s huge success take it all the way to the Great White Way?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, the “Great White Way” is the stage, or Broadway.  Many of Disney’s movies have profited greatly from moving from screen to stage, including the ever popular The Lion King.

Of course, I don’t believe all of Disney’s films can move onto Broadway with as much grace as a movie like Frozen.  They already had the wonderful stage and lyrical talent Idina Menzel voicing one of the main characters on the screen, so who’s to say she can’t play the part on the stage, too?  Well, of course, there’s the issue of her possibly being slightly too old for the role of Elsa, but hey, it’s the talent that counts, right?

Anyway, Frozen is definitely one worth watching, along with Disney’s slew of other hits, including the Toy Story franchise and Finding Nemo:

To date, Frozen has grossed an estimated $655.2M worldwide and the picture is still playing on 3,318 screens going into the weekend. Overseas, there are still a number of major territories yet to open – Korea (on Jan 16.), Japan (on March 15) and China, which may bow before Japan, but has yet to be determined. If Frozen continues on its run, it may also become the highest grossing non-sequel Disney/Pixar title (the sequel, Toy Story 3 is still the leader). Frozen actually could surpass Finding Nemo, which took in $340M and $528M on its initial run for a worldwide total of $868M.


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