FROZEN Set To Make Cable Television Debut in 2016

FROZEN is set to hit small screens everywhere with a 2016 television debut!

Disney’s animated blockbuster FROZEN swept the world en force beginning in November 2013, making it one of Disney’s most successful and marketable films. Now, the story of Queen Elsa and her lovable sister, Anna, is set to come to cable television.

Yesterday, Disney announced plans to begin airing FROZEN on all of its major television networks– ABC, ABC Family, Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior– starting in early 2016, though an exact premiere date has not yet been set.

Disney already has FROZEN 2 in the early stages of development. It also released FROZEN FEVER, a short film featuring the beloved characters, in theaters before CINDERELLA this March. Usually, the television debut comes three plus years after a film’s release, so FROZEN may even be considered a little ahead on the curve!


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