Frozen to be featured on ABC’s Once Upon A Time series


If you haven’t been following the magical world of Once Upon A Time, you should start now. Last night was the season 3 finale for the fantastical series and fans got a glimpse at a new character that will make her icy introduction in season 4.

Elsa will be starring in the new season for OUAT and it seems like the producers are working with all passion to fit in the new character.

ADAM HOROWITZ: That is Elsa. We fell in love with the movie Frozen when we saw it, my daughters are obsessed as is Eddy’s son… It is something that ever since we saw it would gnaw at us, “Is there a way to fit it into our world?” And we cooked up a way to do it. We pitched the studio and the network and they were kind enough to say, “Go do it.”
EDDY KITSIS: What’s funny is that people think Disney called us up and was like, “You need to do Frozen,” and it’s really actually quite hard to get these characters. It’s not like they call you up and say, “We’d like you to do this.” It’s actually quite the opposite. You have to work at it and have a vision and the spirit.

You can read the full article and watch the ending/introduction clip of the show at Collider.

Source: Collider

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