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Funko Announces Disney Exclusives For SDCC

Disney is taking over the SDCC exclusives market with these Funko figurines!

San Diego Comic-Con is the place for audiences to connect with other fans and the stars they love for panels and major announcements, but it’s also an opportunity for merchandise collectors to nab rare exclusives.

Perhaps the holy grails for collectors are the ever-popular Funko Pop! figures, which tend to cover just about any and every fandom out there. This year, Disney is getting in on the exclusive merch fun with six Funko Pop! designs and one Dorbz Ride figurine that will be found only at SDCC.

Let’s break the down a little more! First, we have “flocked” aka fuzzy version of Chip and Dale, as well as Tigger bouncing on his tail.

Next we go old school with Mr. Toad from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

Hei Hei definitely got a few laughs in Moana, but his figure breaks the Pop! design mold in interesting ways.

Meanwhile, both the Pirates of the Caribbean “Jolly Roger” pirate and Negatron glow in the dark!

Lastly, the Dorbz Aladdin, Abu, and Magic Carpet is.. well.. adorbs!

Remember, this figures can only be nabbed at SDCC, so if you’re not going and want to snag one, it’s time to get resourceful!

Click out the rest of the SDCC exclusives here.

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