Funko Reveals HARRY POTTER Pop! Vinyls

Harry Potter Pop! Vinyls revealed

Harry Potter Pop! Vinyls coming in July

Finally!  I had wondered if they were ever going to be able to bring one of the most popular franchises in the world into their collection, and they have!  Today, Funko has announced that they will have Harry Potter Pop! Vinyls available for sale starting July 2015.

You know this is a big deal.  You’ve been collecting all sorts of those crazy and cute Pop! Vinyls from Disney‘s Bambi collection to The Walking Dead and every single one of them you treasure.  Some of you probably haven’t even taken your figures out of their precious boxes for fear of…dust.

With the release date of these vinyls, and seeing how the success of Funko’s presence and exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con last year, I’m going to take a wild guess and say that it just might be that weekend when of the exact date of the release of these witches and wizards. Don’t take my word for it, it’s possible they might release them before then, but if anything, I wouldn’t doubt they’d take that opportunity to have some Harry Potter Pop! vinyls that will be exclusive to only Comic-Con attendees. (Last year, Barnes & Noble was an exclusive retailer for Comic-Con Pop! vinyls, so check your local Barnes & Noble store for that possibility happening again.)


In the picture above at Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid (which looks to be in their larger-sized 6″ Pop! vinyl,) Albus Dumbledore, Ron Weasley, and Severus Snape. It’s been noted that there’s to be a Voldemort figure as well, but wasn’t pictured here. However, considering that Funk usually releases more than one series of any one franchise, and considering how much both Warner Bros. and Funko will be making off these things, there’ll definitely be more to come, and you’ll more than likely have your favorite supporting characters soon enough.

For now, you’ll just have to wait until July for the first set of characters.

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