GAMBIT Sets Valentine’s Day Release Date

Will GAMBIT get a romantic angle or be an anti-romance action flick?

There are a lot of questions about Fox’s upcoming Gambit movie: Will Channing Tatum manage to pull off the character’s signature accent and suave demeanor? Who else will star? Will the film hold up the high standard from recent X-Men releases like Deadpool and Logan? Will the project serve as a comeback for director Gore Verbinski?

Now there’s one more question to add to the pile: Is this a Valentine’s Day movie or an anti-Valentine’s Day movie?

See, Variety revealed a February 14, 2019 release date for the film, and movies that come out Valentine’s Day weekend are typically very purposeful. Either they feature a love story at the center to cater to lovey-dovey audiences or they go in the exact opposite direction, focusing on action and horror for the viewers that are just so over the romantic holiday.

Gambit’s main love interest is the comics is Rogue, who’s already been set up with Iceman in the movie universe, so a full-on romance seems unlikely. Then again, Fox could easily bring in an outside love interest from the long list of Marvel characters to which they have access.

Two other releases have been announced for the day: Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth‘s comedy Isn’t It Romantic? and an untitled Blumhouse horror film.

By Kait

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