GAME OF THRONES Actor Wants His Character To Get Villainous

In a recent interview, Isaac Hempstead-Wright admitted that he has some dark and devious hopes for his character, Bran, as he discovers his new powers and moves through the North!

“I really want to be a villain. I want to be evil sorcerer king of the White Walker and sort of storm down on Hodor’s back with a sword and charging with an army of Whites behind me.”

“There are plenty of past events and previous greenseers and other such mystical figures who are not only a great influence on Bran but are probably also somehow related to him and are key to him understanding what this power could be used for,” he says. “I’ve got no idea what this power is going to be used for or what it can do or whether it will be for good or evil — and I hope Bran and I get to have some fun with it.”


By Nat, the Geek Girl

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