GAME OF THRONES Creators: Season 4 Finale Will Be The Longest, Best Episode Ever


GAME OF THRONES writers/producers Dan Weiss and David Benioff announced that the Season 4 finale entitled “The Children” will be 66 minutes, almost 15 minutes more than some episodes, and may just be their finest achievement on the show to date.

“It’s the best finale we’ve ever done, bar none. The performances from our cast, the direction from Alex Graves, the VFX work, the new [music] cues from Ramin Djawadi—all of it came together in perhaps the finest hour we’ve produced. We’re immensely proud of ‘The Children.’ And a little intimidated by the episode, because now we have to get back to the business of season five and figure out a way to top it.”

An estimated 20 million viewers are expected to tune into the finale this Sunday, June 15th.

Check out the finale preview:


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