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GAME OF THRONES Directors revealed for Season 6

GAME OF THRONES Directors revealed for Season 6

The Game of Thrones directors that will be helming the 10 episodes of season 6 has been unveiled, and it includes Lost veteran Jack Bender. Bender is not the only newcomer to the Game of Thrones directors list, as The Americans executive producer and director Daniel Sackheim.

Being a director for the show is quite a task as it takes the better part of the year for the director to film two episodes, which probably why some familiar directors of the show have taken a break from it, including Neil Marshall (season 2’s “Blackwater” and season 4’s “The Watchers on the Wall”), David Nutter (season 5’s “The Dance of Dragons” and “Mother’s Mercy”), and Alex Greaves, who directed four of season 4’s episodes, including “The Mountain and the Viper.”


  • Jeremy Podeswa (Episodes 1 & 2) – This will be Podeswa’s second season as he directed season 5’s “Kill the Boy” and “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.” His other credits include Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead.
  • Daniel Sackheim (Episodes 3 & 4) – Sackheim tackles on Game of Thrones for the first time, but has a long list of TV credits to his name, including The Americans, The Walking Dead, and The X-Files.
  • Jack Bender (Episodes 5 & 6) – Bender also takes on the HBO drama for the first time, but is familiar with directing for extensive periods of time apparently, since he directed 38 episodes of Lost.  The most recent shows he’s directed are TNT’s The Last Ship and CBS’s Under the Dome.


  • Mark Mylod (Episodes 7 & 8) – Like Podeswa, Mylod returns to direct his second season of the show, as he directed season 5’s.  He’s directed episodes of Shameless and Entourage and directed the pilot episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.
  • Miguel Sapochnik (Episodes 9 & 10) – Sapochnik returns to add two more presumably unforgettable episodes to his previous two unforgettable episodes (“The Gift” and “Hardhome”) No doubt it will be unforgettable as he will be directing the season 6 finale.  And it’s anybody’s guess as to what it will entail as we have no book to refer to now that season 6 will go beyond the George R.R. Martin’s already published books.

Source: Collider