Game of Thrones in Minecraft

Check out Game of Thrones done Minecraft style!  A project called Westeroscraft is aiming to create all of Westeros in block style just like in Minecraft.  This is pretty ambitious project and the people over at Kotaku have compiled photos, videos and other cool stuff which you can find here on their page.

From Kotaku:

Ever wanted to explore the world of Game of Thrones? Ever wanted to explore the world of Game of Thrones… in Minecraft?

I got this awesome photo (above) last night from the lovely people behind Westeroscraft, a project that sets out to re-create the entirety of Game of Thrones’s gritty medieval world in blocky Minecraft fashion. Then, Kotaku video editor Chris Person put together a wonderful video to show off some of the project’s other stunning photos. So I thought I’d round up all the cool stuff we’ve seen from Westeroscraft so far.

Check out Tour of Westeros video below, it’s pretty neat!


Source: Kotaku

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