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GAME OF THRONES’ Jon Snow Is a Total Downer at Seth Meyers’ Dinner Party

Watch Jon Snow tell the tale of A Song of Ice and Fire

Game of Thrones‘ Jon Snow is a total downer when Seth Meyers invites him to a dinner party.  Sounds like a bad move on Seth’s part, right?  Well, in this super hilarious skit during Late Night with Seth Meyers, it really does seem like a bad move, at least for the other dinner guests that are there.

But for the many viewers who watched it and have seen Kit Haringtons’s portrayal of the brooding, yet handsome, Jon Snow with a past that makes grown men weep, it’s just too funny you may weep from laughter instead.

And then, when he starts playing out major scenes from the series, ones that Jon Snow really has no knowledge of – like that Mountain and the Viper battle, it’s just the cherry on top.

The whole thing is a wonderful skit that makes me miss Seth Meyers even more on SNL.  Granted, he might not have written it (or maybe he did), but really, Seth’s reaction to Jon Snow’s sad and awkward monologue amongst friends makes for great TV, and their sideline meetups just works with Seth.  Kudos to Kit Harington for knowing how to have fun. Unlike Jon Snow.  Great fun!

Jon Snow is a total downer at Seth Meyers' dinner party

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