GAME OF THRONES’ Kit Harington On Being Naked for the Series


Kit Harington, the fabulously handsome, young actor with the thick, gorgeous mane on HBO’s Game of Thrones, will be on the cover of GQ’s April 2014 issue, and he’s looking mighty fine, as usual.  The article delves into the character Jon Snow, of which he plays on the show. When first playing the character, he talked about what the original version of Jon was supposed to look like:

As a man in his early twenties who could pass as a teenager, Harington was perfect. But it didn’t work: “They were, ‘It’s way too clean-cut—we want you to grow your hair and grow your beard.’ ” He had never even tried to grow a beard before; he wasn’t actually sure that he could. As it turned out, the result was a winning one, both in terms of fitting into the Game of Thrones universe and causing quite a stir in our own world. Now he’s contracted to keep this look as long as he is on the show, which shoots through the second half of every year.


Kit, along with many of the young (and “of age”) actors did have a stipulation in their contract regarding nudity, which he does state as “only right, if you’re going to make a show where nudity and sex is a large part of it, that you be a part of that.”

There was a scene in season 3 in which his character jumps naked into a rock pool, but he reveals it wasn’t him:  “When it came down to it I had a broken ankle, so the only time you saw my ass, it wasn’t my ass.”  Awww.


He does talk about the show in general and its appeal:

“I don’t think it’s as complex as people make it,” he says. “I think people like it because people actually respond to not being treated like idiots. It’s a really complex story, and it’s very hard to follow, and people love working that puzzle out. And I mean essentially why I think people like it is it’s a rollicking good story with sex and violence.”


You can read the rest of the article at or check out this GQ Style Survey video.

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