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GAME OF THRONES: Kit Harington Returns To Belfast, Sparks Fan Rumors

Kit Harington returning to Belfast as GAME OF THRONES filming begins is just too much of a coincidence for some fans!

Surely coincidences exists.. buuuut probably not as many as we’ve seen regarding Kit Harington’s possible place in Game of Thrones next season. Shooting for Season 6 begins in Belfast this week. Lo and behold, look who showed up in the city just as it started!

Watchers On The Wall has exclusive fan photos of Kit Harington fresh off a flight to Belfast with his long Jon Snow hair– a hairdo he’s begrudged in the past– still in tact.



On top of the timing, the location, and the lack of a haircut, Harington reportedly refused to take photos with fans while on another recent trip to Belfast. Perhaps he just wanted to have a few moments to himself, but he also maybe have been attempting to hide a hard-kept secret!

WotW speculates that Harington could be there for a funeral scene, but if R + L = J, as many fans believe, there’s got to be more to it than that!

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