Game of Thrones MLB Playoffs

Anthony Sulla-Heffinger of the NY Post has a wonderful feature today, comparing the 10 MLB playoff teams to Game of Thrones characters. Even if you don’t like baseball, it’s absolutely worth the read! Here’s an excerpt:

For this unique look at the MLB playoffs, which begin Friday with the Wild Card games, I will be drawing comparisons between the ten teams vying for the World Series and ten characters from the HBO television series based on the series of novels written by George R.R. Martin.

Those of you who have watched the epic fantasy series need not worry about spoilers because I will not divulge anything here that has not occurred in the first two seasons of the show, which coincide with the first two books of the series.

So without further delay, here we go.

Yankees – Tywin Lannister – As if there were any way the Yankees could not be compared to the Lannisters. Aside from the fact that the Yankees have the highest payroll in baseball and the Lannisters are one of the richest families in Westeros, the two also have a rich history. Lord Tywin is one of the most powerful, feared and respected lords in Westeros, much like the Yankees are in baseball. At the end of season two of the show, Tywin storms to King’s Landing at the very last moment to save the city from being sacked by Stannis Baratheon, much like the Yankees stormed the AL East at the last moment to win the division and hold off the Baltimore Orioles. The Lannisters are the family that everyone loves to hate, much like the Yankees are the “Evil Empire” of baseball.

Orioles – Robb Stark – The Orioles just didn’t go away. Every time you expected them to fall off and drop out of the playoff hunt, they defied the odds and will play in Friday’s Wild Card game. Much like the Orioles resilience, Robb Stark, to this point in his young military career, has not lost a battle as he marches south toward King’s Landing to face the Lannister host. While the Young Wolf is not as seasoned or experienced in battle as Tywin Lannister, there is no doubt that he will prove to be a formidable foe on the battlefield should they meet, much like there is little doubt the Orioles will be a tough out in the ALDS should they make it that far.

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See if you can guess who else might be compared to playoff baseball teams. In our opinion, it sucks to be a Reds fan (Theon Greyjoy), but being the Braves (Jorah Mormont) or Cardinals (Daenerys Targaryen) is pretty awesome in our book. How would you classify the teams, Game of Thrones style?

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