Game of Thrones opener to simulcast across ‘narrow sea’


In what might be the greatest case of cross-Atlantic cooperation since America joined the Allied forces, fans of Game of Thrones in the United States and the UK will be able to watch the opener at the same time.

As themarysue reports:

According to Deadline, Britain’s Sky Atlantic HD is helping facilitate a simulcast of the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere.

“The pay channel will premiere the season debut simultaneously with HBO’s U.S. East Coast transmission,” they write, “Catering to the faithful, it will air on Monday April 7 at 2 AM and then be repeated in primetime at 9 PM UK time. Following the first 2 AM transmission, the premiere episode will also be available on demand.”

Two a.m. on a Monday? Yeah, I assume that’s going to be tough for some people but I also predict a lot of people calling out of work that day too.

Speaking as an American, we in Westeros are thrilled to share this experience with those in Essos and other lands. In all seriousness, it just shows the incredible advancements made in global technology — which is awesome and pretty scary at the same time (imagine if Tywin Lannister could use text messages instead of writing letters to Walder Frey?).

Also in themarysue piece are some interesting quotes from Rose Leslie (Ygritte) and Maisie Williams (Arya) about the upcoming season, so definitely go check it out!