GAME OF THRONES’ Pedro Pascal Has a Hilarious Imagination *Spoiler*


WARNING: Spoilers regarding the outcome of Season 4, Episode 8 (The Mountain and The Viper)

If you haven’t seen HBO’s Game of Thrones‘ latest episode, The Mountain and The Viper, you might want to skip this post.  However, I recommend you watch it as soon as possible, because you will want to read this!


In an interview with Pedro Pascal, who plays Prince Oberyn Martell, aka The Red Viper, he talks about what he imagines the funeral should be like for his character, who was tragically and sickeningly killed by the Gregor Clegane, known as The Mountain.

Luckily, Pedro’s imagination is not quite the same as George R.R. Martin‘s imagination, as he visualizes a DJ playing beats on the beach, with people of various colors of dress, elephants, and even orgies.  It’s quite an interesting concept.

I wonder if the creators of the show would like to put that on film.  I think I would… especially those elephants!

To watch the video, check it out on Vanity Fair.

Thanks to the Mary Sue for the tip!


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