GAME OF THRONES Q & A With Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) answered a ton of fan questions in a recent GAME OF THRONES promotion sponsored by HBO GO. She talked about the best and worst parts of playing Arya, life on set, and what she thinks the future will bring for her character.

What does your family think of the show and Arya?

I guess we’ve got a weird perspective of the show because we were there from Day 1 and a majority of the world hadn’t heard about it. It’s hard to say if they would like Arya if I didn’t play her. They have a very biased perspective because I live and breath her and talk about her constantly! I think they think she’s pretty cool and I think she’s pretty cool. The cool thing is that I get to pretend to be that badass! She has all these amazing lines to say and I can pretend to be that cool. It’s amazing and I’d never ask for anything else.

If Arya was living in the current time being what would she be?

I’m going to put it in “Mean Girl” terms. So you know there’s always that girl who looks perfect and has perfect hair and makeup stays on all day and wears a perfect handbag and has her nails done and they would never chip…Arya would not be that girl. She’d be the polar opposite and love it. she would be the ruler of the underdogs. She wouldn’t be popular and people would hate her but she wouldn’t care. That’s what I like about her, she wouldn’t care. “Do what you want and what you stand for,” that’s 2014 Arya.


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