Game of Thrones season 3 rumors has recently reported some rumors about what we might see in Game Of Thrones’ highly anticipated third season.  Please be warned there are spoilers ahead!

So we’ve pulled three very interesting tidbits that we’re sure all Game of Thrones TV fans and book readers will either be very happy with (or maybe there will be some major hair-pulling):

The most interesting report comes from two WiC sources, who confirm that Noah Taylor has been cast as Locke. The character Locke is described as filling a similar function to the mercenary leader Vargo Hoat in the A Song of Ice and Fire books, but does not have Vargo’s memorable lisp. Locke will play a key role in Jaime and Brienne’s story next season.
The bear pit scene from the third book has been filmed. Noah Taylor was present for this, as was Nikolaj Coster-Waldau wearing a bandage-style sleeve over his lower arm to convey that Jaime’s lost his hand. It appears that the removal of the sword hand occurred before the bear pit, as in the book.

One source reports that a scene has been filmed where Edmure reveals Robb’s battle plans to some northern lords in order to impress them. This makes Robb and the Blackfish very angry, and they confront Edmure about it at Riverrun.

So it seems we’re losing Vargo Hoat. This is a shame, because we were looking forward to the introduction of this A Storm of Swords character. The leader of the Brave Companions, Hoat was pretty memorable because of his lisp and his cruel ways.

On the other hand (pun intended here), we’re really glad to see they’re keeping the bear scene. It’s a key book scene for the character developments of both Jaime Lannister (Nicolaj Coster-Waldau) and Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie), and we just can’t wait to see how it’ll pan out. What’s also cool is that we have confirmation that Jaime will indeed lose his hand before that scene—another major book development.

As for Edmure (Rome’s Tobias Menzies) telling on Robb’s (Richard Madden) battle plans, we’re not sure either if this is a new scene, or—like our colleague Ours is the Fury implies—is a misunderstanding of an incident that took place in book two A Clash of Kings where Edmure wrecks Robb’s battle plans to trap the Lannister army after they crossed the river. We guess the Game of Thrones writers may have pulled that scene from book two and then adapted it for season three since neither Edmure or the Blackfish (Clive Russell) and Riverrun have appeared on the series before.

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