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GAME OF THRONES Will Be Eight Seasons, Prequel Series Under Consideration

The game plan for GAME OF THRONES will call for eight seasons, but that may not be the end.

The Game of Thrones will end in three seasons, according to HBO President Michael Lombardo. During a press event for the Television Critics Association, Lombardo spelled out a likely eight seasons for the hit show, though he’d love for it to go on longer.

Lombardo told the press at the TCA that executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss are “feeling like there’s probably two more years after [season] six”.

Even though HBO would “love for them to change their minds”, Lombardo says that forcing a longer show wouldn’t benefit the artistic vision of the show. Still, that does mean the world of Westeros will be completely dead to the station in three years. In fact, HBO is open to a full-blown prequel series.

“I would be open to anything David and Dan want to do … there’s enormous storytelling to be mined in a prequel.”

George R.R. Martin plans to write seven volumes for A Song of Ice and Fire, on which the show is based, but has teased the possibility of an eighth. He is still working on the sixth novel, The Winds of Winter. If fans are lucky, they might just get a 2017 release for that. Either way, show runners Benioff and Weiss have made it clear that they won’t be following Martin’s plans for the story from here on out.

Game of Thrones Season 6 is currently filming throughout Europe.


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