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Hodor and Bran of GAME OF THRONES Share ‘Hold the Door’-themed Cake

Game of Thrones Actors Hodor and Bran Share Jokes and Cake Despite Sad Episode

Warning! There are spoilers ahead! After the monoverbal giant’s death in last week’s Game of Thrones episode “The Door”, it is a pleasant surprise to see Kristain Nairn (Hodor), and Isaac Hempstead-Wright (Bran Stark), share a cake that is shaped like a door. The cake pays homage to the fact that last week, Nairn’s character was “holding the door” to keep Bran and Meera safe from the wights.


Since the episode aired, fans have paid respect to the fallen fan-favorite character by placing stickers of his face on various elevator buttons and doorstoppers.




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