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GAME OF THRONES Characters Meet STAR WARS In This Awesome Fan Art

Have you ever wondered what your favorite GAME OF THRONES characters would look like in the STAR WARS universe? Look no further than this fan art!

Artist Andrew D. Tran has linked GAME OF THRONES characters with STAR WARS in his art series fittingly titled “Game of Star Wars.” The pieces reimagine popular characters as Star Wars characters, from Jedis to a Han-Solo-esque scoundrel.

Some of the characters included are Daenerys as a Jedi General (and Mother of Rancors), Tyrion taking Han Solo’s coveted role as the scoundrel, and Arya Stark as a fierce looking Jedi Padawan.

Check out the art below:

It really is a crossover we never knew we needed. Love the art as much as we do? You can support the artist on his Patreon page, or buy your favorite piece as an art print (that’s right, you could have your own Padawan Arya to hang on your wall!).

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By Kait

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