GAME OF THRONES: The Exhibition Returns for Third Tour

The Game of Thrones: The Exhibition returns with Season 5 additions

The Game of Thrones exhibition returns with not only more interactive stations, but also the addition of pieces from Season 5, which has never been seen before, especially since Season 5 is not scheduled to air until April.

For those in the U.S., you’ll have to make a trip outside the states to one of the seven international stops the exhibit will be making, which are London, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Paris (dates to be determined for some locations).  Of course, if you can afford it, I’m pretty sure there’s no reason to really complain about having to visit any of these cities.  Still, for those who can’t, well, there’s still a possibility of more cities added at a later time.

In addition, a new integrated web-based companion and photo stations will provide exciting new ways
for fans to interact within the exhibition, placing them within some of Game of Thrones most shocking
and talked-about moments. These stations will create fun and unique content that fans can share with
their friends through various social media platforms. Fans can also, for the first time ever, pledge their
allegiance to their favorite Game of Thrones family by joining a House before entering the exhibition.

Last year’s most exciting and acclaimed feature, the “Ascend the Wall” 4D Oculus Rift virtual reality
experience, will return by popular demand. Visitors will journey to the top of the iconic 700ft Wall by
stepping into a physical recreation of the Castle Black winch elevator and wearing the Oculus Rift virtual
reality headset and a pair of headphones. From that moment on, they will find themselves inside a
virtual version of the elevator – one that looks, sounds and feels extremely real, providing an
unprecedented, immersive Game of Thrones experience.

The exhibition will showcase over 70 original artifacts used on set from seasons 1-4 plus select neverbefore-seen
pieces from Season 5 premiering in April 2015. Created by artisans whose extraordinary
craftsmanship has lent authenticity to the show since its inception, the collection includes a magnificent
costume display featuring armor, dresses, cloaks and jewelry; iconic artifacts built on set, such as a lifesize
replica of a White Walker and model dragons; weaponry comprising of swords, spears, whips and
daggers; House banners and more. Visitors will also have an opportunity to take a picture on the
coveted Iron Throne.

In addition, certain locations will host the HBO Shop® which will include an assortment of official Game
of Thrones licensed collectable merchandise.

Tour Dates listed after the jump.

  • London, United Kingdom (in partnership with Sky Atlantic)
    February 9-12 and 15-17
    Sky Backstage
    The O2, London
    Continue to check for more information
  • Stockholm, Sweden (in partnership with HBO Nordic)
    Dates and venue to be announced
    Continue to check for more information
  • Tel Aviv, Israel (in partnership with yesOh)
    April 5-9
    Venue to be announced
    Continue to check for more information
  • Madrid, Spain (in partnership with Canal+)
    Dates and venue to be announced
    Continue to check for more information
  • Berlin, Germany (in partnership with Sky Deutschland)
    Dates and venue to be announced
    Continue to check for more information
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (in partnership with HBO Netherlands)
    Dates and venue to be announced
    Continue to check for more information
  • Paris, France (in partnership with OCS)
    Dates and venue to be announced
    Continue to check for more information

For continued updates and details on the exhibition, visit The official hashtag is #GOTExhibit.

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