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GAME OF THRONES’ Kit Harington sheds light on his character

Kit Harington talks about about worrying if fans were even going to care about Jon Snow’s death at all.

Entertainment Weekly got to spend some time with Game of ThronesKit Harington on a photo shoot for the magazine, and he revealed some things about himself and his character, Jon Snow. Check out the photos and Kit’s thoughts on being on the HBO series.

Warning: *some spoilers* (to those living under a rock)

On auditioning for the part

“Every young male actor in the U.K. was going in for Thrones. I remember thinking it’s important I did something good for it.  After the second audition I realized I was onto something, and if I lost the part I would be upset. You start to get a gut feeling about these things.”


On learning about the character in reading the books:

“I’ve always felt introverted in many ways, I think that’s why there was something they liked about me for Jon Snow,” he says. “In the book, he’s somebody living in their head, he hardly ever speaks. Which makes him quite interesting to play.”


On talk shows and promotional events:

“I’m not a natural salesman … I very much enjoy self deprecation as a source of humor and that doesn’t always translate. I’ll put myself down and be pessimistic about a situation instead of being proud and owning it — that’s something I need to improve on.”


On the fan reaction of Jon Snow’s death:

“I was most worried people weren’t going to buy it at all. Or they were going to watch it and go, ‘Meh, who cares? It’s not as sad as The Red Wedding, we don’t love you as much as those characters.’ There’s something inside you where you want them to be sad.”


On how Jon Snow post-resurrection:

“He needs to change. He needs to see something so terrifying that we’re now, as an audience, afraid of where Jon’s gone.”

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