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GAME OF THRONES star Iwan Rheon explains the problem with Ramsay

Iwan Rheon explains the problem with Ramsay regarding the events in the latest episode of Game of Thrones, “Home”.

Iwan Rheon is a nice guy.  He’s a talented musician.  And he’s a very talented actor.  So much so that I’m not so sure I’d feel comfortable being in the same room with him after watching his very believable acting as the overly ambitious and sadistic Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones.  However, playing the current evil dude in the series has to give the actor some insight. And after the latest episode, titled “Home”, now would probably be a good time to explain the problem with Ramsay.

Rheon, along with episode writer David Hill, have this to say about Ramsay’s actions in killing his father:

“His stepmother gives birth to a baby boy, and that’s alarm bells right there, and his father’s warned him [about his uncertain place in the family after losing his bride Sansa Stark],” Rheon says. “Instead of maybe trying to wait and see, it’s, ‘You have to go, mate, sorry.’”

Yeah, Ramsay’s not the most patient guy.  However, Rheon did admit to being surprised himself when it came to what happened to his stepmom and half-brother.  Hill explains:

“He doesn’t bear his mother any ill will.  She’s a very sweet woman in the wrong place, wrong time.”

Iwan adds this:

“It’s not calculated, it’s reactionary,” the actor says. “And it has an effect on him, which he didn’t expect.”

And I get that he’s a bad guy who will kill to keep his position, but why, oh why on Westeros did he feel it necessary to do so in such a gruesome fashion?

“Ramsay’s sad, he’s not a complete psychotic madman. He regrets having to kill his father. He’s actually trying to live up to this father’s standards and become the man his father wanted him to be — in his own sociopathic killer way.”

That part I do get.  Roose betrays, he gets betrayed.  So, not surprisingly, he was due.  Walda and baby Bolton? Not so much.



By Kait

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