Garrett Hedlund Passed on Finnick

Garrett Hedlund was one of many actors rumored to be cast as District 4 victor, Finnick Odair. Sam Claflin was eventually cast, but we learned from an interview with MTV that Garrett was approached for the role. Click the link to watch the video and read the article.


“They did [approach me],” Hedlund admitted to MTV about almost playing Finnick in the upcoming “Hunger Games” sequel. “But I was working on this film at the time. We shot the whole film in 23 days and I was really immersed in it. I couldn’t get around [to reading the ‘Hunger Games’ novels].”

“Everybody around me is flipping out about the books, and I didn’t really have the time to sit down lately to read any book, not just ‘Hunger Games,’” he explained further. “But I’ve got a couple [projects] on my plate that I’m looking forward to reading now.”

Garrett was always my first choice for Finnick. Unfortunately, timing is everything and his schedule could not permit him to be Finnick Odair. However, I am very happy with the choice of Sam Claflin! If you’re not convinced that Sam is Finnick, please give him a chance and he might surprise you!