Gary Ross: No regrets after walking away from the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise

In an interview realized by EW, ‘The Hunger Games’ director, Gary Ross talk about his new children’s book and  why he hasn’t had a moment’s regret after walking away from the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise.

Here what he says:

“I didn’t feel that Iwould have the time for the way that I work to do the movie justice,” he says. “I wear two hats. I don’t wear one hat. When you write and you direct that’s a linear process, it’s not a simultaneous process. I would’ve had to have written a script and prepped the whole movie in four months and on the first movie that’s a process that took me eight months. And I thought [Catching Fire] was a more difficult adaptation, not an easier one. I didn’t really feel I had the time I needed to live up to my own standards. And I haven’t had a moment’s regret. It was absolutely the right decision and I’m thrilled about new challenges.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Via: The Hob