Gayle Forman’s JUST ONE DAY and JUST ONE YEAR Optioned by Universal

Fans of the “If I Stay” author will be happy to hear that Universal has optioned Gayle Forman‘s duology, Just One Day and Just One Year, for a feature film.

Just One Day and Just One Year follows the story of a young couple who meet and share one incredible day (and night!) together only to be separated, spending the next year looking for each other and finding themselves along the journey.

One Day, released Aug. 20, 2013, told the story from the young woman’s point of view while One Year, published in September 2014, told the young man’s story.

The books have been described as being in the tone of Before Sunrise and 500 Days of Summer.

Yes, you read right.  It looks like Universal is taking the simpler approach (which might be a relief to some who are tired of books being split into two movies) and combining both stories into a 2-hour (or thereabouts) movie.  When it comes to this kind of movie, that might be the better option, but sure enough, there will be grumbling among the fans.  I say wait until it’s in production to see how things go before you grumble.  Better yet, wait until you see the movie.

If I Stay is now available for digital download and will be available for Blu-Ray on November 18, 2014.



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