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Geillis Confronts Jamie in OUTLANDER Deleted Scene

Geillis isn’t afraid the stir up trouble in OUTLANDER deleted scene!

If you’ve seen Season 1 of Outlander, you know that Geillis Duncan is a fierce friend of Claire Fraser, but also an unpredictable one. She’s got a dark, dangerous side– One she isn’t afraid to unleash on Claire’s new husband, Jamie Fraser, as we learn in this deleted scene from Episode 9, ‘The Reckoning’!

It’s pretty easy to see why this scene was deleted. It isn’t a widely known fact that Geillis makes concoctions that can kill a man and isn’t afraid to use them. If it had been, she likely would have been suspected of Arthur’s death and charged immediately instead of getting some leeway before Laoghaire’s nasty witch accusation. Essentially, the scene would’ve revealed her hand too early. Also, her objection to what was considered a normal punishment in the era may have also hinted at her origins.

Even moreso, Geillis threatening Jamie takes away from Claire handling the situation just fine on her own as a tough, independent spirit.

Outlander is currently filming and is set to return to Starz in spring 2016.

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