George Clooney and Damon Lindelof answer What Is Tomorrowland? 

George Clooney and Damon Lindelof answer What Is Tomorrowland? 

As the opening for Tomorrowland looms closer, we get to see more and more about the movie through TV spots and images, but what is Tomorrowland, really?  Before 2014, what came to mind when I thought of Tomorrowland was the specific section of the Disneyland theme park I’ve favorite since I was a kid.

But not anymore.  Now what comes to mind is a grumpy George Clooney, a curious and tomboy-ish Britt Robertson, and House.  Well, Hugh Laurie, to be exact.  And they’re all in this film about Tomorrowland, which is more than just part of Disneyland.

Britt plays Casey, a young, seemingly troubled, girl who comes across strange looking pin in her possession (a pin that no doubt will be be highly sought after by Disney pin collectors – coincidence, I think not.)  When she touches said pin, she is transported to a strange land.

But the pin is only a temporary teleportation device and so she seeks out Clooney’s Frank Walker to actually take her there.  Why she’s involved in this and what happens when they get there is a mystery at this point, but there’s threats to Tomorrowland and probably Earth itself, and call it a hunch, but I’m thinking Casey just might be the key to stopping this threat.

The movie also stars Kathryn Hahn, Judy Greer, Tim McGraw, Pierce Gagnon, and Raffey Cassidy.  You can find out what Tomorrowland  is when it comes to theaters on May 22.


Source: Yahoo!Movies

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