Get to know THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES Cast and Characters

The Shannara Chronicles cast and crew talk about the show and drawing in both fans of the books and non-readers  

The series premiere in L.A. drew The Shannara Chronicles cast and crew to the iPic Theater in Westwood to promote the upcoming new MTV series.  Included at the premiere were executive producers Jon Favreau, Miles Millar, and Al Gough.

Favreau spoke about MTV’s support for the series, stating “even though it was a new partnership and something that’s a little bit different from what they’ve done historically, they had a tremendous amount of passion.”

Gough added that “they wanted it very badly, they knew it was a big swing for them and they loved the vision that we pitched.”

Cast members in attendance were Poppy Drayton, Austin Butler, Ivana Baquero, James Remar, and Brooke Williams.  Plus, author Terry Brooks also made an appearance to show his support of the series.

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On the MTV series’ ability to draw in audiences unfamiliar with the fantasy genre, Drayton said, “Because it is in the fantasy genre it’s so easy to pigeonhole it, but it’s so much more than just a fantasy show. I hope it does attract an audience who ordinarily wouldn’t watch fantasy shows.”

Co-star Butler, who describes the fantasy genre as “my place where I can disappear the most into,” added that while the backdrop of the story is rooted in fantasy, the themes expressed throughout the plot are universal.

The creators, however, wanted to assure die-hard fans that Brooks’ series is in good hands at MTV.

“The show is very faithful to the spirit of the books and we have Terry’s stamp of approval, so we’re hoping that’ll be the way for fans of the books to come to the show,” Gough said.

MTV has shown they truly are dedicated to bringing this series to its followers, and they presented a group of videos that introduce the major players.   Check them out below!

ERETRIA – Ivana Baquero

A member of the thieving Rover clan, Eretria is a delicate balance of strength and sensitivity…but can she be trusted by the others?

AMBERLE – Poppy Drayton

After becoming a member of The Chosen, she must accept a responsibility to protect the legendary Ellcrys Tree. But when the Ellcrys begins to die, she realizes her latest induction is only the beginning of a dangerous journey.

WILL – Austin Butler

Wil is a half-human, half-elf, and the last survivor of the Shannara bloodline. Can he live up to the weight of his family name when the Four Lands needs him most?

ALLANON – Manu Bennett

As the last remaining Druid, he knows something incredibly important has begun when the Ellcrys Tree begins to die. Can he help save the Ellcrys and livelihood of the Four Lands?

KING EVENTINE AND SONS ARION AND ANDER – John Rhy-Davies, Daniel MacPherson, and Aaron Jakubenko

Flanked by his sons Arion and Ander, Eventine has ruled over the Elven kingdom of Arborlon for decades… but can he keep the Elven people safe from emerging dark forces?

Source: Variety | MTV

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