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Get a rundown of last season’s THE 100 and what’s to come

Nostalgia and time leaps are taking center stage in the new trailer for The 100 Season 5!

The trailer is narrated by Madi (Imogen Tear), a Nightblood child who is discovered and raised by Clarke (Eliza Taylor). She tells the story of The 100 from beginning to present day as clips featuring almost every character new and old (with the conspicuous absence of Ricky Whittle‘s Lincoln) flash across the screen. In the end, Madi asks Clarke what will happen if “the monsters” come back as, on-screen, an older Clarke watches a spaceship about to land back on Earth. Chillingly, Clarke promises to kill them all.

The 100 seems to get more intense with each passing season, so it will be interesting to see where this one goes. Unfortunately, the show hasn’t announced its next premiere date quite yet.

By Kait

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