Get the Josh Hutcherson Body!

Peeta toned his biceps and triceps by throwing 100lbs sacks of flour everyday at the bakery. Josh Hutcherson, however, didn’t have that benefit and needed to put on weight to play Peeta. Men’s Fitness spoke to Josh’s trainer, Bobby Strom, and he spilled the beans on what type of training Josh did as well as his diet to achieve Peeta’s physique. Peeta grew up on stale bread and squirrel, but they recommend greek yogurt and chicken burgers. Peeta probably approves, given he had the luxury of tasting Capitol cuisine.

The types of workouts…

Those familiar with The Hunger Games lore know that Peeta’s brute strength comes from a lifetime of lifting bags of flour in his family’s bakery. In reality, though, Hutcherson cut his stocky physique with five hour-long workouts a week—which included one league basketball game and four Strom-led, circuit-style gym sessions.

“I call them mash-ups,” says Strom. “We go from one body part to the next to the next, incorporating four or five exercises per circuit.”

Each session would typically include two fresh mash-ups—combining exercises from different disciplines, like TRX, pliometrics, and BOSU Ball workouts—performed four times, resting only after the entire circuit was complete.

Strom on Josh’s work ethic…

Now Hutcherson did get those results—a fit, proportioned, athletic physique with the core and stabilizer strength needed to film a physically demanding film— but Strom won’t take too much of the credit.

“It’s clear why [Hutcherson] has come along so far at just 19,” says Strom. “He’s really dedicated and focused.”

“Josh puts in 100 percent in his career,” he adds. “And 100 percent at the gym, too.”

Bruno Gunn, who will play District 2 victor Brutus, also trained at the same gym as Josh! And apparently there was some trash talking going on before the Games.

“One of the guys he’s fighting in the movie was also training in the same gym,” says Strom, referring to Bruno Gunn, who is set to play Brutus in Catching Fire. “They had never met, and he walked up and said, ‘Hey Josh, I’m Bruno…and I’m going to be kicking your ass!’”

So what do you think, ladies (and gents)? Are you looking forward to a well-toned Josh and Bruno? Click HERE to read the rest of the article.

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