Get The Scoop on Detective West’s New Partner (And Barry’s New Love Interest) On THE FLASH

Recent audition tapes reveal a new character who will play a major role for both Barry Allen and Detective West in THE FLASH Season 2!

Detective West’s new partner? Barry Allen’s new love interest? One and the same, apparently!

Blastr has details from two scenes used for screen tests, though the videos in question have been password protected since their discovery. However, they confirmed that Detective West’s new partner and very likely Barry Allen’s new love interest will be none other than Patty Spivot!

In the comics, Patty Spivot is a forensic blood analyst for the Central City police department who serves as Barry’s assistant for a time. In almost every version, Patty has had a major crush on Barry Allen. In THE NEW 52 comics, she’s in a long-term relationship with Barry. Certain story lines also have Spivot becoming a meta-human with similar powers to Barry after a disastrous accident involving experimental chemicals at the crime lab.


Here are the scenes that were reportedly used to test out actresses for the role:

In one of the videos, Patty shares a scene with Joe, telling him he can trust her even if she’s still getting used to the meta-humans. In another clip, Patty apparently gushes to Barry about the details in his forensic reports.

While Patty is now partners with Detective West and not a crime lab employee, she’s still clearly got some appreciation for forensics and is likely to be the spunky Felicity Smoak-like character for which the show put out a casting call.

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