Get Up Close And Personal With SHADOWHUNTERS Characters Alec, Isabelle, and Magnus

SHADOWHUNTERS has given us inside looks to the characters Alec, Isabelle, and Magnus

You may have already seen the other characters but you haven’t seen the ones for characters Alec Lightwood, Isabelle Lightwood, and our favorite warlock, Magnus Bane. The new featurettes from Shadowhunters TV are letting fans “get up close and personal” with them. It shows us some of the new thing that we have yet to see. So without further ado, check out Alec, Isabelle, and Magnus.

ALEC LIGHTWOOD (Matthew Daddario):


MAGNUS BANE (Harry Shum, Jr.):

The next episode, Dead Man’s Party is set to come out on January 26, at 9pm on Freeform. So tune in to watch the Shadowhunters do their thing.

Shadowhunters Group Pic