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Giveaway: DEMON FREAKS By J.R.R.R. Hardison

Discover the wild and hilarious horrors of the rich and powerful in DEMON FREAKS!

Evil lingers in the most unsuspecting places… like your local country club!

In his new novel Demon Freaks, J.R.R.R. Hardison (that’s right– THREE Rs) is mixing ghoulish terrors with a sharp wit for a fast-paced horror comedy that’s perfect for fans of Hot Fuzz and John Dies At The End!

The book follows Bing and Ron, twin brothers who get together with their bandmates in a remote cabin in a last ditch effort to study and pass their SATs. Instead, they uncover a conspiracy to bring demonic overlords to town, sponsored by the local Golfer’s Association. And we’re giving you a chance to snag this YA delight for yourself!

Check out the official description below:

It’s the night before the SAT test. The forces of darkness are stirring.

Twin brothers, Bing and Ron Slaughter, know they’ve got to cram like their lives depend on it because their college plans sure do. If they don’t ace the test, they’ll be doomed to spend the rest of their days flipping burgers at the McDonald’s their parents run. That’s why they hatch a plan to meet up with the members of their punk band, the Ephits, spend the night studying at a secluded cabin in the woods, and maybe squeeze in a little jamming. What could go wrong with a brilliant plan like that?

Ancient evil. That’s what.

As a cataclysmic lightning storm rolls in, Bing, Ron and the rest of the Ephits find themselves tangled in a sinister plot to summon a demon. Yes, demons are real. To survive the night, the band must find a malevolent artifact, battle bloodthirsty monsters and stand against the most dangerous and powerful foe humanity has ever faced…the Golfer’s Association.

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Per the publisher, this contest is open to US residents only.

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