Glamour Interviews THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Author Cassandra Clare

Now with the release of City of Heavenly Fire, the final book of The Mortal Instruments series, Glamour Magazine has released the interview they had with author Cassandra Clare.  Here are some of the highlights of that interview, and no, there aren’t any spoilers on the last book, so you should be safe to read it.

On why she wanted to write The Infernal Devices:

I initially created the world of the [Shadowhunters] because I knew that I wanted to create a world I could spend a lot of time on and write different stories about. I made sure to make it a worldwide organisation, with a long history that went well back. I happened to be in London promoting City of Bones, and I was crossing Blackfriars Bridge. It was very foggy, and I had a sudden vision of two people, a girl and a boy in Victorian dress standing at the edge of the bridge. I went home and jotted it down and I thought about it, and it rolled around in my brain like a little bit of sand inside an oyster, until little bits of stories started to wrap around it. I have this whole story here of the ancestors of the kids in the City of Bones.

On what she’s doing in the UK now:

I am in the UK for inspiration because I’m doing a follow on series to The Infernal Devices, called The Last Hours. It’s a re-telling of Great Expectations with Shadowhunters…because why not! It’s set in 1903, so I’m doing a lot of locational research. I’m trying to figure out where to situate big scenes from books and also where all the characters live, and just walking about the city for that sort of inspiration.

On if she had always known what was going to happen in The Mortal Instruments:

I always had a pretty clear idea of what was going to happen. I would say that I kind of think of them as two trilogies. When I started City of Bones I knew exactly what was going to happen in City of Glass. When I first started the six book series, I thought of it as a three book series. Then I was going to do another series that was just about Simon but it didn’t develop that way. That was the one big change – I couldn’t write about Simon without writing about his friends too.

On who she’ll miss writing about the most in TMI:

I think I’m going to miss Clary the most, as she was my first character, my first heroin [sic]  and I love a lot of things about her. She’s very very, very unlike me and it has always been interesting for me to write from the POV of somebody who’s so unlike me: she’s super reckless, she’s very brave, she’s really artistic and I can’t even draw a straight line! She’s got lots of great qualities, and other qualities that are not so great. Although we are very dissimilar I’ve come to really love her over the years and I’m going to really miss writing about her

Heavenly Fire in three words:

Let’s see… Summarise Heavenly Fire in three words. It’s adventurous, romantic and surprising.

On music she associates characters with:

I associate Jace with Brand New, and Clary gets associated with Neko Case who I love a lot. Simon reminds me of any number of Brooklyn Bands but also The National.

There’s more in the article, which you can read at UK.

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