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Go Behind The Scenes Of GAME OF THRONES’ “Battle of the Bastards”

Look and see how GAME OF THRONES created the insane “Battle of the Bastards”!

Besides an hour of riveting, gut-punching storytelling that proved the ladies know how to get things done, Game of Thrones‘ massive “Battle of the Bastards” episode boasted some of the most incredible special effects sequences in the show’s history. We smell some awards!

It took a tremendous amount of work to give the episode the thousands of soldiers, fierce dragons, and more. Now, you can see it all thanks to a new behind the scenes look at “Battle of the Bastards” from Variety, you can see what filming certain scenes really looked like, what was added in, and how the full look came together!

With the pulse-pounding battle behind us and Ramsay Bolton out of the picture with his greusome end, we can’t wait to see how the show continues to play out in the Season 6 finale, “The Winds of Winter”!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

game of thrones battle of the bastards

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