Go Behind-The-Scenes: DOCTOR WHO’s ‘Under The Lake’

The Doctor and Clara go ‘Under The Lake’ to solve a ghostly mystery!

Doctor Who is showing fans how things came together ‘Under The Lake’ in new behind-the-scenes videos, including a look at new characters and a controversial new prop!

In ‘Under The Lake’, we met Cass and Lunn. Cass is deaf but also “the smartest person in the room”, according to Peter Capaldi. Lunn is her interpreter, with whom she has a sweet, special relationship. The action in the episode centers heavily around them and now, the actors are speaking out about the roles, the signs they created on the spot, and more!

Next, check out how those ghosts came to life:

Episodes this season, including ‘Under The Lake’, have created a bit of controversy thanks to the inclusion of the new Sonic Sunglasses, a new take on the infamous Sonic Screwdriver. The change has upset many fans, but executive producer Steven Moffat says it all hearkens back to the original joke that brought about the screwdriver in the first place.

In case you want to relive it, here’s a hilarious clip from the episode in which The Doctor gets really excited about a new idea and overreacts a bit under the circumstances.

Doctor Who returns next Saturday on BBC and BBC America with ‘Before The Flood’.

under the lake

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