GOLDEN SON Hits NYT Best Seller List, Pierce Brown Explains How Bullies Inspired Story

The astonishing second book in Pierce Brown’s RED RISING trilogy is already a best seller.

Pierce Brown presented fans with a stellar fantasy sci-fi adventure in RED RISING, but upped the ante to a whole new level with its sequel, GOLDEN SON. Now, the book is getting it’s much-deserved praise!

GOLDEN SON is doing some serious damage on the New York Times Best Sellers list, where it currently stands at No. 6 in Hardcover sales and No. 9 in Digital sales. Mind you, that’s overall sales, not just the Young Adult category.

Naturally, Pierce Brown is pretty excited about the news:

After receiving the honor, Brown gave some insight on what inspired the story to The New York Times.

On Darrow’s world being based off young generations’ distrust of the government system:

“I’m not trying to make a statement. I just think it echoes a lot of the dissatisfaction that many people feel with those who make the decisions based on their own self-interests, rather than what is in the best interests of society. It’s people being selfish.”

How bullies and standing up to them shaped Darrow’s character:

“A lot of times, I faced bullies — or the ‘big dogs’ at school. What I wanted ‘Red Rising’ to be is not necessarily an indictment on bullies, but it reflects my experiences and attitudes that I had with bullies growing up. A lot of times, you had to beat the bullies at their own game. But the difficulty is not becoming the bully yourself.”

GOLDEN SON will be followed by the series finale, MORNING STAR, sometime in 2016.