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GOOD OMENS Creator Neil Gaiman Surprises Fans at New York Comic Con

Who says omens have to be bad?

The very first day of New York Comic Con is over. To the surprise of some con-goers who worked their way through the Amazon Prime Video’s “The End is Neigh” activation booth, Neil Gaiman decided to show up to check out the exhibit and say hi to some lucky fans.

Entering the booth, con goers were escorted to an undisclosed location via a strange looking elevator, detailing their fate between good and evil. Some visitors were lucky enough get access to “Heaven,” while other unfortunate guests had to sadly make their way into “Hell.” Turns out that both groups were lucky enough to get a unique once in a lifetime experience – Gaiman himself on the other side.

Good Omens, based on the novel co-written by Gaiman and Terry Prachett, follows an angel and a demon who enjoy living on Earth so much that they team up to prevent to coming of the antichrist and thus the final battle between Heaven and Hell. It stars David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Nick Offerman, Miranda Richardson, and more.

IMAGE CREDIT: NVE The Experience Agency and Blake Jones


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